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Scholarship Award Program
What is The Academy Scholarship program?

The Academy Scholarship is awarded to any person who is registered in The Academy program. This award in in recognition of an individual’s true desire to pursue a career in hairstyling or esthetics and become an ambassador for the Academy.


Eligibility requirements are:
- Applicant must be 18 years of age at commencement of the Program
- Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.
- Applicant will have graduated from High School or an equivalent
- Applicant must demonstrate outstanding qualities in the areas of leadership, community spirit,
Volunteering at a salon/spa and a commitment and desire to be part of the beauty industry
-Applicant must complete the application.

Scholarship Value:

The amount of the scholarship is $1000.00 which can only be applied to a student tuition provided a student completes and graduates. The number of scholarships awarded may vary from year to year.

Selection Process:

1. Applicant must have successfully completed The Academy’s screening process, and have registered in the program.
2. The Academy Selection Committee will consider the following for purposes of awarding scholarships:
- Community Service
- Previous School Attendance
- Attitude and Aptitude
- Personal need
- Volunteer Work
- Results of the Entrance Exam and Screening Interviews
3. Student will be informed by letter of their award.
4. You must successfully complete the Diploma Program to receive the credit for the scholarship.
5. The Academy Scholarship credit will be applied towards the tuition of the Diploma Program.
6. If the recipient leaves the institution or does not successfully complete the Diploma Program, they are responsible for the full financial obligation of the program to the date of their withdrawal. They have voided the Scholarship Agreement and will receive no credit towards their tuition.
7. If the recipient must delay their start date for any reason, the scholarship will become null and void.


Applications will be disqualified if the following instructions are not followed: Applicant’s Portion:
  1. Complete all information of the official scholarship application. (Application form may be photo copied.)
  2. Type or print legibly all information on the application.
  3. Write a one-page essay describing why you deserve a scholarship. Direct comments toward your motivation, need (financial or otherwise), leadership, and academic accomplishments. Describe special talents and special, creative or challenging activities that you have initiated or obstacles you have overcome to achieve your goals. Direct comments towards why you would like to pursue a career in the beauty industry. This essay must be handwritten/typed, single-spaced, and on one-side of one page, with your name, address and phone number in a single line across the top of the page. Content, originality, and form (punctuation, spelling, and grammar) will be considered.
  4. Provide your application and essay, and a copy of your academic transcript/diploma/equivalency to The Academy 1 Water street east Ontario
  5. Please fill in the Guidance Counsellor/Teacher’s Evaluation Form for the applicant.
  6. Enclose: The Application Form, Applicant’s Essay, Applicant’s Academic Transcript and Guidance Counsellor/Teacher’s Evaluation Form in an envelope, address and mail to:
    The Academy
    1 Water St East
    Unit TB12, Cornwall Ontario
    Attention: Financial Aid
  7. The Scholarship application forms may be duplicated.
Scholarship Application